Friday, November 11, 2016

11/9/2016 14 down, 3 to go

Hey guys,

So today is a weird Wednesday transfer-week pday again. Still not a huge fan! Elder Radford and I wrapped up the transfer real good with some fun on Halloween with members, a farewell district meeting which included potluck cafe rio pork burritos, and a great exchange with the Elders in Carthage. Unfortunately Elder Radford will be shipped off to Calremore OK tomorrow (long live the Bartlesville zone). I'll miss the guy! I'll miss making diabetes jokes and driving home as fast as possible because he frequently forgets his insulin. Good times! I'm staying here, my new companion is one Elder DeGooyer (Deh-GOY-er). I know him just a little bit, he's was previously the neighboring Joplin zone leader. It'll be good! He'll be a zone leader with me so I'm finally not flying solo, that will be kind of nice. But solo also has its perks.

This Monday I took Elder Hansen, its his first transfer in the mission, on exchanges in my area to help rain him and hopefully provide some new experiences. Well, we certainly got new experiences. After unsuccessful attempts and unanswered doors at every home we wanted to visit, we made our way to a returning less-active's apartment. This guy had come to church on Sunday and bore a really great testimony about falling away but having prayers answered recently and the Spirit uplifting him more than ever! Elder Radford and I had met him a few weeks earlier when he came into the clerk's office at the church while we were emailing and asked to talk to the bishop. We dialed him up on the clerks phone and handed it to him. He proceeded with "Hi bishop, my names ----, yes I'm a baptized brother. I'm calling because I need to tell you something important. It's about the seven seals. Yes, they've been opened. I thought you would want to know. I'm the sanest man you've ever met!" Radford and I looked at each other like "oooooohhh boyyy" hahaha. He left right afterward. I felt like I was in Harry Potter 2, with the Chamber of Secrets being opened. Anyways this is the man Elder Hansen and I were going to visit, to see how we could help him progress back into the gospel. He was napping and let us in, went to splash some water on his face while we just sat on his couch and looked around in silence. He came back, sat down, and immediately launched into the most interesting monologue I have heard to date. Vision after vision of who knows what, Jehovah told me this, Satan told me that, I've battled demons, Monett is the New Jerusalem, the millennium has started, angels have four arms, and no, no he is not crazy. :D Poor young Elder Hansen sat there stiff as a board and just stared at him, at total loss for words. I had no idea had to get handle on the conversation hahaha we sat a listened and wowed and really?'d for an hour before we shared a scripture and bolted. It was a little creepy some of the things he told us haha. Luckily I had my gopro clipped to my belt and plenty of memory card room to capture the bulk of the action. Which is great, because he needs us to relay these things to the church right away so they can gather in Zion in Monett Missouri and begin the millennial work ;) Oh, the things you experience in the service of the Lord. As if our night wasn't weird enough, Elder Hansen emergency puked in someones yard after dinner hahaha. Luckily it was dark. I hope I was able to teach Elder Hansen some good new things! Haha.

Also, last week for Halloween (hallelujah on a pday) we went golfing with our WML Brother Barnes. It was literally the most perfect weather you can imagine. Loved it! Except they didn't have any lefty clubs to rent. So there's some big dirt chunks out of the greens on that course now. Don't know who did that. Some noob. I'll include some pictures, wish I could attach all the videos in a timely manner.

Well, the area's hit a little stand still with the work, it's been hard to connect with our investigators and find time to teach and help progress. Seems to come and go in waves. Ideally, we can find many new people to teach this transfer!

Much Love,

Elder Hakes

The Raddog

A lil Halloween golf

The bois, Elder Millet, Elder Bayles, Elder Radford, Yours Truly.

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