Wednesday, November 2, 2016

5/23/2016 Forget Me Not!

Another great week in the life around here :) This one was quite the blur, we really had a lot happen it was kinda crazy!

Malysia Joiner was the star of the show this week. We've been teaching her for probably two months and she's been learning and changing in a lot of ways! Friday when they were at wedding rehearsal we snuck into her house and replaced her old broken couches with some brand new looking ones that someone had donated to us! Don't worry we didn't go through the window, and we didn't break anything ;) When she got home and saw them she almost cried. I LOVE giving to people. Saturday was her wedding (she's been with her husband for like 9 years, just never had a ceremony haha) which was cute. They held it in Richland park and she had family and friends there to cheer her on! Our stake President Blau performed the ceremony and did a great job. Prior to the wedding I asked if I could be the best man... but they already had one, so they let me be a groomsman! Haha it was sweet :)  Then that same evening was Mel's baptism! Again it was just picture perfect and so well deserved for her. We are so happy. Then we had transfer calls that night, found out Elder Horsley is packing his bags and heading to Houston MO, the zone just south of us. He's bummed, but he'll likely end his mission there and love it. I'm getting Elder Anderson as a new companion, it will be his first transfer as zone leader and he's coming from Willard MO and he was previously serving with my good friend Elder Henderson! That's about all I know about him. I'm excited for the changes though! We are also absorbing the other ward into our duties, president is pulling the sisters out for the lack of work happening there and letting us pick up whatever was already going on. So we'll cover St. Rob 1st and 2nd ward, AND the Ft. Leonard Wood Branch. We are going to be crazy busy. As if we weren't already crazy busy. But I'm up for the challenge! Bring it on baby.

Sunday was another powerhouse Sabbath, we had 3 more baptisms for soldiers on base and it was marvelous to behold and participate in. One of the girls, Lindsey Davis asked me to baptize her. Then the branch president asked us both to give short talks. I almost yearn for that opportunity now, to stand and preach the things put into my heart. It went great! Sister Taylor from the mission office drove up from Bentonville to see the baptisms and it blew her mind seeing our little army operation, she absolutely loved it. It really is incredible. Then I confirmed Mel in 2nd ward and we had a great day teaching and saying goodbye to some people Horsley is going to miss.

So I'm here for another 6 weeks, which seems to melt by as if it were two days. In other news I'm tearing through the Old Testament and I can't even express to you how much I have enjoyed studying it, or how much I've learned. My faith has increased a lot from understanding the Lord's covenants with the House of Israel and the works of his ancient prophets. I love it! I hunger to read every morning.

I'm probably forgetting things, but oh well! I am determining how I am going to get to OKC this weekend for the Kress's sealing, I'm so pumped for that.


Elder T. Hakes

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