Wednesday, November 2, 2016

8/1/2016 Another one for the books

Fun times this week! Had success finding some new investigators, so that's probably the best news. Also had a household of 4 investigators at sacrament in the Owasso ward on Sunday! They are pretty promising, we are excited about that :) Nothing better than actaully having some people to teach. The work is best when people are progressing. Elder Marshall and I are always having a good time and learning a lot. Interviews with President and Sister Loveland went great last week, president really likes a lesson called the "missionary toolbox" that we have developed and been teaching to the members in our ward to help give them some missionary tools! We sent him a copy so maybe he'll share it with the rest of the mission.

Had some big thunderstorms last week that were epic and really cooled the weather down. Reeeaaally appreciated that. It's back up today though.
Spent Saturday evening in Cleveland UH-GAIN for the baptisms of Ariel and Jacob Foust! This was the coolest thing that happened all week. Ariel is the daughter of one Jackie McLearan that I got to baptized way back in January! She moved into town and embraced the gospel quickly. It was inspiring to see the ripple effects that the work we did back in Cleveland has created. It's continuing to propel for sure! I think the best part for me was to see the progession of Jackie. He was one of the most prepared investigators I've taught, and he dropped everything to get baptized right away, quite smoking and coffee in 7 days and never looked back. Devoured the scriptures we gave him. He gave a talk on baptism at the ceremony and it was really, really good. He has deepened his faith a lot since I last saw him 6 months ago! It's tangible! I can feel it, and see it in people. That's my favorite part of my mission thus far; seeing people grow and develope. I see it in almost everyone I associate with. I'll see a missionary again in 6 months and be impressed with who they've become. It was a treat to see how Jackie's covenants and priesthood calling have begun to expand him. The fruits of the atonement is godliness, or the abillity to become like God. Sometimes it comes slowly, and we have quite a ways to go, but it comes.
Going to the driving range with some of my favorite elders today! Then a member who is a flight instructor is letting us use the simulators whoop! Tomorrow back down to Bentonville for yet another leadership conference, then conducting zone training again on Wendesday. Time marches on.
Much Love!
Elder Hakes

Marsh pushed me into the pond and I lost my flipflop in the mud... never found it haha

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