Wednesday, November 2, 2016

6/20/2016 More Yesterdays

Hey people that I only get to talk to once a week for a very brief period over the internet,

Highlights of the week include!:

Elder Anderson and I held a zone training meeting Wednesday, it went really well and I think we all learned alot about the vision the Lord has revealed for our mission and the things we can do to catch it. Had a cool moment where I was instructing about "seizing the moment" and talking to everyone we meet, and an Elder named Tervort shared an experience where he simply helped a lady in his apartment complex take out the trash before he got transferred and she agreed to have the next missionaries come see her. I got all teary and struggled a little to tell him how much of an impact that actually had, because I was at her sealing several weeks ago :) It was Lillian Kress. Elder Tervort was the one who first met her, and he hadn't known of their conversion. It can be that easy, something as simple as helping with the trash. BAM sealed for eternity.

We conducted exchanges with our district leader and his companion and had a way good time with all 4 of us working in our area. We had enough work and appointments to keep us all busy throughout the evening and we got a bunch of lessons taught! I appreciate the opportunity to exchange and train other missionaries, I often feel like I'm just a greenie at all of this but I forget that I've been doing it for so long.

This might actually be the best piece of news for the week (besides the Cavs winning the chamionship): we had our windshield replaced in our truck on Friday because the defroster cracked it last winter I guess and no one did anything about it, but the Safelite guy didn't install our mission's vehicle monitoring device (Tiwi) back onto the windshield correctly. So i called the vehicle coordinator and he was like "hhmmm just unplug it and rip it out" hahaha so I don't have the dumb thing barking at me to slow down and watching my every move for the first time in a long 15 months!!!!!! It's strangely liberating. I have to fight the urge to just drive across the country incognito style. Or to go 100 down the freeway. I've never done that. ;)

So we've got a mission temple trip coming up Wednesday the 29th!!! President got permission to take us all. They're going in 3 different groups, one to the OKC temple, one to Kansas City, and we're going with a couple other zones to St. Louis. I CANNOT WAIT.

Well, hope your week is cooler and less muggy than mine!

Elder T. Hakes

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