Tuesday, November 8, 2016

9/28/2016 Round 5......FIGHT!

Hey Everyone, sorry you didn't hear from me Monday. Forgot to clue you in that p-day was Wednesday again this week because it's transfers week. It's weird, I know, I don't like it either haha. But the big news rolled down the line last night, I'm getting transferred to Monett Missouri. The ping pong is real, I've bounced between OK and MO every time. This will be an interesting transfer! It's just about the smallest zone in the mission, I'll be the only zone leader there, and my companion is pretty green and apparently he's the district leader! His names Elder Radford, I think he's been out about 3 months or so. I'm pretty sad to be leaving my hometown of Owasso, I was hoping to stay and finish training my boy Elder Buhler! We had some good times together and good things going here. Plus I'm basically family with everyone in the ward. It's good though! I see the Lord's hand every time, this one will be no different. I just don't want to pack all my crap... I have so much junk haha.

This last week that Elder Buhler and I had together was a killer one though!! We saw some big miracles. The biggest was that our new investigators that we found tracting who I think I've mentioned before, all came to church on Sunday for the first time! It was a landmark event, I couldn't believe it. I've never actually found someone while tracting who was willing to actually take the lessons, let alone come to church, let alone two families next door to each other who are on board! Courtney and her boyfriend Kyle came with their two young kids and I think had a pretty great experience, we saw her again yesterday and she was all smiles. Her neighbor Amanda Fernandez came without her husband but with her two young daughters and she had a way good time too! She stayed for all 3 hours and her kids had a ball in primary. There is nothing more rewarding than introducing people to the church of God on the earth. I wonder what that experience would be like for the first time for someone, probably some weird feelings and foreign experiences, but I know underlying that is the peace of the Spirit, and a testimony of the truthfulness of the work. I was so happy to see them all there. I'm sad to get transferred but hope they all keep coming and progressing. They're in good hands.

AAALLLLSSSO Dean Williams has agreed to be baptized this Sunday the 2nd. Maybe I haven't talked about this experience enough. Let's just say I came back to this area for Dean. It was what he needed, and what he was looking for. It's been cool, and very spiritual. Just wish I could've stayed to see the ordinance. They were pretty bummed I was leaving too. But he's making the covenant, and I couldn't be happier about that!

Well, I've gotta pack, and say goodbye. Looking forward to new experiences! I've been schooled from on high my whole life, but its fun to focus myself entirely on the lessons he wants me to learn. I hope to come back a little better than when I left :)

Much Love!

Elder Hakes

My new address for anyone interested is 1407 B Glen St Monett, MO 65708. I accept letters. And packages. 😀

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