Tuesday, November 8, 2016

10/17/2016 Live It

Weekly Gang!

What's goin on? Only good things for me to report from Missouri this week. We had interviews with President and Sister Loveland, it was good. They are great leaders. Also had stake conference for the Monett stake with Elder Greer of the seventy there, he was awesome, and an AZ native! We taught the daughter of an investigator, Samantha, that we found tracting, and after the restoration video she says, "Mom, I still haven't been baptized. When can I?" We beamed like dummies :) Love finding the prepared, they are everywhere! Set a date for Nov 5. Our zone is doing great things and starting to pick up the pace, we have 9 dates set for the transfer, which for our tiny zone is great!

I forgot to relate a funny experience last week. There I was, standing at the pulpit on Sunday the 9th of October, my first sacrament meeting in the Monett ward, just bearing your average testimony, when a big lightbulb from high in ceiling somehow dislodged and exploded on the ground right behind me! I looked around, saw the glass on the ground, looked up, saw the empty bulb socket above. The room was dead silent, I looked at bishop, he just shrugged, so I laughed and said, "well, that's a first!" and just plowed ahead with that testimony! It was crazy random.

Unfortunately we didn't get to golf last week like we were hoping, they were maintaining the course, so we hiked roaring river state park just south of us and it was SO GORGEOUS. The fall weather was perfect, I was in heaven. I'll add some pics!

Love it, Live it! Till next week

Elder Hakes

Devil's Kitchen Trail, Roaring River State Park

Had some huge rainstorms, biffed it in a flood!

Missouri farm land

Monett stake center!

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