Tuesday, November 8, 2016

8/29/2016 Peoples

Yo Peoples!
We had a killer week this last week. Short on time, so here's the cheap watered down stuff!
We found 7 new investigators! Woot! It was miraculous, we found 5 tracting, 2 or 3 of which may be promising, and another 2 were found by a young elder in the ward getting ready to go on his mission. We needed people to teach sooo badly, but the Lord has led us to some so we're incredibly grateful. We also met a lot of really antagonistic people this week, so it came at a cost haha.
Wednesday I went on exchanges in Bentonville with the assistants, both really good guys it was fun to work with them. I hope I get to serve in northwest Arkansas, its a cool place. 
We taught lot of people on their doorstep, anyone that would give us an ear we testified to of the restoration. One guy took a book and we went back week later and taught and his wife this time on their porch for like a half hour. He asked a ton of questions, but at the end was like, "you guys are good, im convinced!" Said we can come back for more. Loooove it. Answering people's questions is rewarding. It's crazy how much our knowledge grows out here.
Saturday was rough, everything we had planned fell through and tracting was absolutely fruitless. One lady immediately opened the door and let us in, literally never happens, and she gave us a water bottle which was awesome. Her adult son who's house it was came downstairs and started ripping into us though hahaha. It went something like:
"Ya'll are Jehova's Witnesses?!"
"No, no sir, we are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!"
*Confused pause*
"You believe Jesus died on the cross? For our sins and stuff?"
"Oh absolutely, everything we believe and teach is centered around our Savior Jesus Christ."

*Slight pause, looking for a reason to disagree with us*
"You believe in the bible?"
"Yes indeed!"
His mom interjects: "Yes but they have another book or something"
This is what the guy was waiting for haha
"We don't need your other book! We've got the bible! You worship Joseph Smith not Jesus! I've read some of your stupid book!"
"Oh really! Which part of the Book of Mormon did you read?"
"The part about Joseph Smith!"
"Oh no, this book isn't about Joseph Smith, you see the Book of Mormon is an ancient testament of Jesus Christ...."
"Well the one I read was thinner than that one you have!"
"Ah, that must have been a different book. We've come to share this one with you because-"
"You come into my house and try to tell me what I believe?!"
"I haven't said anything about what you believe."
"Well, there's the door!"
"....Thanks for the water!"
Sunday was fantastic though and we taught two new investigators, Ryan and Jen. They just moved here from Salt Lake! They're from OK though and learned a ton about the church while they were over there, even met with the missionaries a bunch! It was a miracle we were connected with them, Caden in the ward sprayed their house for pest control and found out they knew about the church and asked if we could come meet them. They are such a solid family, 4 young kids and just really well put together. Willing to seek God's will. I know they'll get the answers to their prayers!
K gotta go! I know the Lord gives us the experiences we need to grow, and to teach and reach others. Just let'em come!
Elder Hakes

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