Wednesday, November 2, 2016

6/13/2016 Hot. Bugs. Muggy.


Here's a tip: If you ever get a job in Missouri, DON'T TAKE IT AND MOVE SOMEWHERE NICE AND COOL WHERE THE ATMOSPHERE DOES NOT TRY TO KILL YOU. Haha it's getting hot around here, and the bugs are terrible. Don't even get me started on the humidity.

Enough complaining, because there's way more pros than cons in my life right now! Last week we drove like 600 miles going to leadership conference in Bentonville and then to Springfield for zone conference. I loved it though, those meetings are some of the best, most spiritual parts of my mission. I couldn't keep going without them! President and Sister Loveland are truly astounding with their energy and faith and ability to communicate with the Lord. They are a blessing to this work! Best part of MLC was as we knelt and prayed as mission leadership to seek the will of the Lord regarding His work. We want to do it His way, and catch His vision. The Spirit taught us amazing things. We spent the night in Springfield to avoid driving extra and stayed with my old companion Elder Henderson! He's serving in Willard just north of Springfield. Forgot how much I missed that guy. It was a grand reunion. Elder Anderson and I also went on a joy ride with a member there in his '67 Camaro he just finished restoring. I can't even tell you how awesome it was. This thing is a drag racer and he burned out on some long flat farm roads for us. I felt like a schoolgirl at Disney Land. It was a new experience for me haha! We jumped head first back into the work around our area the rest of the week and saw the Lord's hand to help us find 3 new investigators which we needed desperately! All 3 of them were former investigators from a year or more ago who had moved away, but the Lord led us back together and they are ready to be taught. Exciting. Few things are as rewarding as finally finding new families to teach.

Today we're going to play ball with the zone and go bowling and maybe even explore a cave on Ft. Leonard Wood (that is if we can get everyone on base again haha). Looking forward to a good new week!

Much Love,

Elder T. Hakes

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