Tuesday, November 8, 2016

9/6/2016 Missin Cactus

I need new email greetings. Today's is:


Welcome to my email. It is a pleasure to have you reading it. I promise the whole thing will not be this dry.

We had a pretty stellar week! I have a couple of random and mind blowing things to relate. I'll make a list. These are not in order of importance haha

#1. We felt a 5.6 earthquake Friday morning while we were lifting weights. The room sure jiggled and I honestly thought a fat guy just fell down or something but it lasted a little longer than a tubby tumbler haha.

#2. I'm emailing you today because all computer access was closed yesterday for the holiday :( We were so bored, couldn't email, everything was closed, other missionaries are way far away. But we ended up being invited to the lake with some members in the other ward with the sister missionaries. It was a hot beautiful day and the beach was crowded with swimmers. But we got to enjoy the sights and I got my feet wet (resisted the urge to dive in a swim for the rest of my life. Also the urge to steal one of four conveniently located jet skis on the shore...) and played some sand volleyball. It was a good labor day! Then the Birds took us to dinner and invited us to get foot massages with them hahahaha it was so wonderful. I feel like a new man.

#3. We saw a car roaring in flames on the freeway exit. Saw the pillar of smoke and got there before the response team, no idea what happened! See attached pics

#4. I literally dreamed the future. I get goosebumps when I think about it still! I'll describe to you how it happened. Wednesday we are sitting in our apartment planning and the AC is broken. We are sweating our butts off in there. Luckily the maintenance dude came to fix it pretty quickly. He came in and started looking around inside the panel on the wall, I just struck up a conversation with him and of course steered it toward the gospel because he was a fly that literally just got trapped in our home web haha. I ended up giving him a Book of Mormon and inviting him to take some lessons, his name was David and he was real nice and accepted the copy but didn't really want visits. After he left we were glad to have taught a short lesson but didn't think much more about it. The next day at zone conference I am flipping through my notebook and come across the section where I have been recording all of my dreams for the last 4 or 5 months. I had been slacking and one of the last entries was from July 31. I started reading it and had the strangest feeling, I didn't remember writing this one! That happens a lot though, because I record them immediately after I wake up and am usually not fully cognizant haha. The entry said "I was on the stairs at the Owasso apartment and met the maintenance guy. He asked if he could fix anything and I said yeah lemme check. So I ran in a grabbed a list and told him that our AC was broken. He came and started fixing it. He crawled inside a space behind the wall panel and was looking around. I remember thinking 'I should give him a Book of Mormon.' " That's the real deal people. As I read it I remembered vividly the dream, all the major parts were the same as what happened the day before. Yiiiiikkkkesss. Haha dunno what that means but I think I need to brake my AC again and get this guy to come back!

#5. Had lot of success, 8 investigators at sacrament which was fantastic. Martha, Cheyenne, CJ, and Emerald are so excited to be baptized this Saturday!! Teaching them has become a real treat. We've seen growth in all of them and we are so blessed to help them move forward. It's going to be a beautiful ordinance. The ward is way excited too, as chance would have it, the last baptism they had was also the last time I was here in May 2015 for the Kress's! We've seen the ward pick up the pace around here the last week or so, I like it. Hopefully we can keep the momentum rolling. Elder Buhler is doing great and isn't afraid to work and teach and talk, its a great blessing. He is also still taller than me.

That's the bulk of it! We're blessed and favored. This week I can testify to you that I felt the power of Christ through the sacrament. I had a lot of burdens and weight on my soul, but they were lifted within moments and I felt light. Light as a feather, and light as in brightness. I am glad I've been able to come on a mission and learn how to pray, and take the sacrament, and repent. I've done them my whole life, but now I really know how to do them. Well, a lot better anyways :)


Elder Hakes  

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