Wednesday, November 2, 2016

6/6/2016 "That's totally barbaric!" - "That's missionary chess ;)"

Name that movie.

Let me start off by saying that if I miss another family reunion like the one you guys had this week, I'll lose my sanity. My heart ached for the good old days as I read about all the cool things you did! But let the record also show I'm so pumped you guys had an awesome time, sounds like you orchestrated some really fun things this year! I'm also glad my cardboard self was able to make it.

Quite frankly, my week wasn't as awesome as yours. Okay that sounds dramatic, but is there honestly anything better than a Hakes family reunion? You're right, preaching the everlasting gospel is a close second :) We had a mixed week of trials and triumphs, but that's okay because all things are for our good and shall give us experience! We seemed unable to generate a lot of work in some regards as Elder Anderson transitions to the area, but we also had some cool successes.

We found a new investigator named Dorothy! She lives in a trailer on a nearby highway and was referred to us by her friend up north in Jeff City who is taking the lessons. She is a sweet simple older lady who lives with her 15 year old son. In fact, when I say "older lady" and "15 year old son" that sounds kinda weird. I think he's her son... anyway she's pretty sincere and just looking for the right way to go. Taught her two lessons and she seems eager to come to church sometime soon.

REFER YOUR FRIENDS TO THE MISSIONARIES, YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN THEY'RE READY. A couple months ago our goofy young ward mission leader referred 3 people on the church website, a friend in Cali, his mom somewhere in the east, and some other person he knew. He called us the other day and told us his friend in California is getting baptized! It is literally that easy. Think of someone right now, whether you think they'll accept the message or not, and submit their name on

Elder Anderson is a real live jock and we started a workout program this morning designed to ramp up our verticals. Expect dunk footage in the near future. And soreness. We get along way good though and have fun doing the work together!

Had stake conference this weekend and it went well, we had a german member of the seventy who's name I'm not even going to begin to try and spell and he was a spiritual giant who taught with power. Anderson and I looked at each other and said "I didn't know President Uchtdorf was coming to stake conference!" Sounded just like him. Found myself with a lot of notes and thoughts about my own future family.

This week is jam-packed with leadership conference in Bentonville again tomorrow immediately followed by zone conference in Springfield on Wednesday. Excited!

Well I love you all, till next week
Elder T. Hakes

PS we played chess with two missionary action figures that Anderson found, so don't steal our idea

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