Wednesday, November 2, 2016

5/26/2016 More Goodness

Hey Guys! Not a lot of time today, but enough to fill you in on the highlights!

I don't remember a lot of what happened this week :) Mostly this weekend we had a lot of great things happen. We spent time Friday helping our newest investigator Rocky Coleman from her moms apartment in Waynesville to an apartment in Richland. She told us she had people who could do it for a couple hundred bucks, and we said heeeeck no we'll do it for no bucks! So we recruited stake president Blau and a couple trailers and got all her things packed up and drove to Richland which is the northwest boundary of our area. We went ahead of her and thought we knew which complex to go to, but after getting there and sitting around for 30 minutes we figured we weren't at the right place. She wouldn't answer her phone so we didn't know what to do! We drove to a couple other complexes to see if her car was there, but couldn't find her. We drove in circles all around the tiny town of Richland trying to figure out where the heck she was moving to and why she wasn't answering her phone. We didn't coordinate this very well haha. We met back up with President Blau who also had a trailer full of her stuff and was out trying to look for her. We stopped at a gas station and got out to make a plan, we he saw a little red truck drive past that just might have been Rocky's mom. "Quick, go chase down that red truck!" Horsley and I sprinted to our truck and sped around the corner as fast as our cargo would allow, just in time to see our target take another corner a few streets down. "Step on it!" We followed down a residential street and finally came up behind the suspected truck at a red light, I jumped out and ran up to their window, and luckily it was Rocky and her mom or I probably would've freaked some people out! "We've been looking all over for you?!" We followed them to her apartment and found out she'd missed her exit and driven to the next town over and had to turn around AND her freaking phone was packed in the back of our truck hahah. It was honestly a miracle we found them.

Saturday morning we went fishing at Brother Nothum's pond with our ward mission leader Jaime Ratledge and a recent convert, Angelica Cottrell. Got some big ole bass! Spent the day moving Ratledge's friend and volunteering at the USO on post where we work the desk and rent out game equipment to soldiers who have some free time. Sunday was a blessed day, we finalized lessons and interviews for 3 more, yep countem 3 more soldiers getting baptized this next Sunday! Whoop! So stoked. Then at sacrament we had a whopping 7 investigators show up and like 4 less actives we've been working on! We sat surrounded by people we had gone out and shepherded and it was really rewarding. Then we skyped our good friend Sarah Melville from Italy and she is doing way good minus some minor heartbreakage! Then we ate and taught 2 more solid lessons. Runnin and gunnin all day.

This week is going to be so tight, we have 4 baptisms lined up this weekend, 3 on post, 1 for Mel Joiner who we've been teaching basically since I've been here and she is way excited. Mel is also getting married to her boyfriend she's been with for like 9 years. They have two kids and have been together since high school but they're finally officially tying the knot! So we've got her wedding Saturday afternoon (and I'm gonna be one of the groomsman hahaha) and then her baptism that night whoop! We also have a big ole ward party/picnic that morning! Brathen Anderson from the ward is opening his mission call Thursday night, we love that family and we're way excited for him. This is going to be one for the books. Then next weekend I get to travel to OKC for the Kress's sealing! #Blessingsouttacontrol

Love you guys!

Elder T. Hakes

World record ba$$
Victory cones with the Blau's after our moving fiasco
My boy Jake Joiner
Dramatic court shot

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