Wednesday, November 2, 2016

7/11/2016 The Ciiiiirrrcccle of Liiiiiiffeeeeee

I'm home!!! Well, kind of home...

Would you believe I got transferred back to my first area?! Owasso baby! This week was a hurricane of packing and goodbyeing and unpacking and helloing. It didn't feel like a real transfer because I knew exactly where I was going and where I was living and who the people were and how dang hot it is because I was here a year ago! And I can't believe its been a year. A few things have changed since I hit the road, but bye and large its the same as when I left it haha. It's good to be back though! I served in the same district with my current companion Elder Marshall back when I was in good ole Nixa, we know each other well already. He's tight, state champ wrestler from Utah, 20 months on his mission trying to finish strong. We have a good time. It's been crazy to pop back into people's lives around here, luckily they seem to remember me pretty well haha! We've got work to do to find people to teach, but I feel well equiped and up to the task. We are zone leaders here and I know the stake leadership extrememly well, having already served 9 months in this stake. I love em.

An enexpectd turn in my mission to be sure. I didn't forsee it, but I am grateful for it. My mission has been PERFECT for me. Every has incredibly different experiences even in the same mission, but I know without a doubt that my Heavenly Father has been tailoring my expereince to a T. He knows what I need to learn and grow, what I can and can't handle, how far to push me, how long to leave me wondering, how quickly to answer me, who I need to influence, it's all too perfect. I don't know how he manages it all, but he does. He is Omnipotent and all loving.

I have to go, but I have a lot more to say. Maybe I'll get it in next week! It's a sad experience to leave people behind in St. Robert, but now more than ever I feel assured I'll see them again sooner than I might expect haha. Eager to carry on the work of the Lord and help His children wake up to the Light!

My address is the same as a year ago:
14700 E 88th Pl N #310
Owasso, OK 74055

Much love,

Elder T. Hakes

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