Wednesday, November 2, 2016

5/9/2016 Life is in the Details

Subject line? Not sure, it sounded good.

Another rushed week in mission, Monday was my birthday and it was awesome, we played ball with the zone couldn't ask for more. Tuesday we had mission leadership conference in Bentonville with President Loveland. We had a long drive and had to get up at like 3:30 that morning :( But it went great, pres even let us show my infamous window crash video at the conference as an example of what not to do. They got a kick out of it haha. I live my life to bring others mild entertainment. After the 7 hour long conference we went on exchanges with the assistants. I don't know if I mentioned, but my old companion Elder Murdock is the new ap! So I got to work with him again and play ball that morning it was so fun. I had forgotten how much I love that guy. I spent the afternoon with Elder Jones and we had some funny classic missionary experiences, we decided to ride bikes to our appointments but he got a flat and didn't have a kit so we ditched them and just kept walking to talking to random people on the street haha. We walked alongside a cool black guy named CJ who was heading to his shift at Buffalo Wild Wings as a cook, we told him that the other elders, Horsley and Murdock, were going there for dinner that night with a member and that he should spike their order with some blazin wings. He laughed and said he'd watch out for them. I don't think he followed through but we hoped. He did say he'd be game to meet with the missionaries though and gave us his number. Wednesday morning we drove back to St. Rob, then Friday we held a zone training meeting to roll out the things we learned from Pres at MLC. It went great and the zone is doing really well. We should have another round of big baptisms this transfer coming up the 21st! They've got several people on date which is great. Sunday was a normal crazy busy day with teaching soldiers on base at the branch and helping in multiple capacities in 2nd ward. Skyping the family that evening was so good! Have I mentioned how much I love them? They're the greatest in the world. I miss them but I'll see them sooner than I would probably like haha! The mission goes by way too fast. Well there's your quick peek into my life, in other exciting news I might be going to the OKC temple this weekend for David and Lillian Kress's sealing!!!! Remember them? They were literally the first people I ever taught and baptized on my mission all those months ago in Owasso Oklahoma. I'm so pumped for them!!!! So keep your fingers crossed.

Love ya'll!
Elder T. Hakes

PIX: This is Sam Walton's office the day he died, they put everything back the way it was in this cool museum in downtown Bentonville.

Also, the apartment building two down from us CAUGHT ON FIRE and there were a billion fire trucks on scene when we came home. Lucky it wasn't ours, or I would've lost all my... white shirts aaaaand our empty fridge. Coulda been tragic haha..

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