Wednesday, November 2, 2016

7/18/16 Infinite Power to Heal


It's been a good life reestablishing the connections I had from my first go around in Owasso. It's actually done a lot of good for the work, I can definitely see the Lord's hand in this reassignment!
"Hey have you lost weight since you were here?" The answer is no. But I'll take it! Our area is in desperate need of some new solid investigators, we've got our sights set on training the members on doing their missionary work! The emotional bank we've got from already knowing everyone is key, they want us to teach their friends, we just have to help them know how to initiate and find who's ready.

We met and taught Sister Chinnery's grandkids, Maia and Marshall a bunch this week. They were golden. But unfortunately they're from Texas and ended up going home sooner than expected. We'll make sure the missionaries pick it up there.

Elder Marshall and I have our work cut out for us! He's a fun companion to be sure, he's down for just about anything. This zone is doing really well and the working with Stake President Bell and the high council is great.

Highlight this week was probably the victory tour back through Cleveland. I got to go back and conduct interviews for two baptismal candidates and see the old crew! It was crazy how many people I wanted to see and teach in my short day there. Can't believe its been like 5 months since I was there already! So good to see everyone again. Got to eat dinner with Bishop Southward and get the updates on all the investigators since I left. The work is still a bullet train there, baptizing like every weekend.

We had a great sabbath yesterday and I yet again found the ability to be healed through the ordinance of the sacrament and have my burdens eased. Where would I be without it? I've felt His mercy over and over and over.

Outta time, been playing some big ball today with the Tulsa elders! I love being near a concentrated city where there are tons of missionaries. St. Rob was isolated.

The work rolls on and the miracles proceed!

Elder Hakes

Sorry no pics, don't have my camera on me!

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