Sunday, October 2, 2016

2/1/16 Armadillo remains and removing sin-stains

Former Acquaintances!

Weeks are literally days. DAYS PEOPLE. I hope the rest of my life doesn't go by this fast, I might wake up with grown children and not very much hair. 
This last week was the real deal, the ward is catching fire. Still. Our ward missionaries found us 7 new investigators and brought a bunch of them to church! What?! This Sunday was ward conference and we had a new highscore of 174 at sacrament. (granted some of them were from the stake) But hey we had 23 investigators at church. It seems as though everyone we testify to has been looking for this for quite awhile. This ward is going to need a split at this rate! Let's see.. funny stories for this week.. we were driving down a country road and saw some typical roadkill, but did a double take. We looked at each other, "was that an armadillo butt?" I flipped around and yes, indeed it was an armadillo's lonely separated hind end getting nice and dried out on the road. Henderson jumped out and picked it up, essentially an empty hind shell with the tail still attached hahah. It is still in the back of our truck. We haven't decided what to do with it yet... wall mount? Prank? Redneck shrine? We'll see :) Saturday we helped our new friends and converts the Mclearans chop wood with their neighbors the Schmitts. They got out the chainsaw and dropped some oak trees in the yard while Henderson and I split it (with a nifty hydraulic splitter thank goodness) and stacked it. It was great to be outdoors and use some muscle. The weather has been crazy warm! I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt right now. They suspect a cold front is coming though. I keep hearing about these insane ice storms and power outages around here, but I'm starting to think these people have been watching too much tv. No signs of ice yet! District meeting this week was cool, they changed the areas in the district a little bit and sent in a new set of sisters into Claremore which was previously the zone leader area. So now at our meetings it was just me and my companion and four sisters; the zone leaders were at the other district. Won't hear me complaining! Well the rest of this week was filled with great lessons and lots of miracles and some real progression from our oceanic pool of investigators. The Dobbs family whom we love had a date for this weekend, but they are still working on finalizing a divorce so that they can me married and then baptized. These sorts of legalities can be messy, we hope desperately that this won't delay them too long. We've got lots more baptismal dates to set with people for the coming months and a lot more cigarette mountains to climb! Those who realized they don't want to trade a mess of pottage for their birthright easily give up the smokes. True doctrine understood changes behavior! On a side note I also started studying the Old Testament, I plan to read it in about 10 months. There's some weird stuff in there, let's just say I'm grateful for modern prophets and JST footnotes! Also, Elder Henderson almost beat me at chess, guess I better stop going easy. Till next week.

Elder T. Hakes

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