Sunday, October 2, 2016

2/8/16 Where to start?

Man, this last week has been ROUGH

Tuesday we had zone training meeting and interviews with President Loveland, which both went really really well, it was a great day. It was an uplifting meeting and this zone has some real potential, I'm excited to see some miracles happen as we set goals together. My interview with President basically consisted of him asking me questions about the legendary Cleveland area and the work we are doing there. The things happening here are truly historical. I was able to give some good insight as to some of the ingredients for this baptizing recipe. That about sums it up for the highlights. Haha no not really that sounds pessimistic. But I got sick that night after a long day of meetings and lessons and literally spent the entire week in bed. The entire week you might ask? Yes, the ENTIRE WEEK. What started off as a silly head cold was diagnosed by the doctor on Friday to be one of the worst viruses that he has seen in Cleveland in 20 or 30 years! Wonderful. I'm over the major part of congestion and sore throat, but its moved into my lungs giving me a hacking cough. My muscles ache like I just won the crossfit world championship. Agony, people. It's been no fun, but on the bright side we truly saw the Lord's hand in our work. We had a goal to teach 20 member present lessons this week. And we hit it. Haha! I literally spent the whole week in bed moaning but by some miracle Elder Henderson was taken out by enough members to keep doing the work and hit our goals. Who needs me? It was inspiring to see the work rolling forward and some amazing lessons and progression being had. 

We've found several more families to teach and they are all pretty excited about it. The Dobbs family is doing really well, they missed their baptismal date Saturday because they're waiting on divorce papers for Andrea so that they can be officially married. But they've quit smoking and he's found a job and they all can't wait to be baptized. We are going to have a spur of the moment baptism for a kid named Dustin this Wednesday! He's been around the church for a long time but just barely had a change of heart and attitude and wanted to make the changes necessary to be baptized. He had a date for later but we all agree he's ready now so that he can go to the temple with the youth this Saturday. Going to be sweet! Our recent converts the Mclearans are tearing it up gospel style and drinking all the living water (don't worry there's enough to go around.) They're going to the temple for the first time also and cannot wait. Our other convert 16 year old Dyamond is doing well and excited for her first temple trip as well! It's going to be a stellar week. Please pray that my body can rid itself of this plague and I can return to full health. It's been a major drag, its starting to effect every facet of my life and work, mentally and spiritually. I think I'm on the mend though :) At Sacrament the meeting was SPARSE, half our ward and investigators are sick. Pray for all of them! We all know that Satan is trying to bring down the ridiculously awesome things that are happening here. He can't hold us down! Wish I had some fun pictures to send but regrettably I didn't take any selfies of me sick in bed. 

OH on another positive note we have an apostle, Elder D. Todd Christofferson and Elder Lynn G. Robbins are coming to Bartlesville Oklahoma to address us on the 20th! Our mission will have a special conference with them and then our Sunday services will be with them again in Bartlesville. I am beyond excited to hear the words and feel the Spirit they have to deliver from the Lord. The men I spend all day testifying of will have major converting power in the hearts of our investigators who get to go see him. It will be the first apostle in this area since 2001. Talk about blessings.

Gotta go. When the going gets tough, remember that Satan send his worst storms right before the miracles happen. Joseph Smith can testify to that. Theme of the week: D&C 122:7-8. Read it.

Much love,

Elder T. Hakes

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