Sunday, October 2, 2016

4/11/16 Transfer 10!


We got transfer calls Saturday, I don't even know if I told you they were coming up because I wasn't really concerned. Elder Horsley and I are staying for another go round in the St. Rob! Excited to keep working here.

This week was an interesting one. It was full of triumphs and the Spirit, buuuut really full of tiresome hours, short nights, and a little puking. We had MLC Tuesday in Bentonville and it went great, I was wiped out though, we got up at 3 to drive down there and I could hardly sleep a wink that night, it was odd. So I was pooped, but had a good time. The next day we had to organize and conduct a zone training meeting to relay the princinples we learned in MLC and that kept us up late after our return to the area. The meeting went super good though and the Spirit was there in abundance! Afterward we had exchanges with the Lake Ozark district leader and his companion, they're both way cool and it went great. Thursday morning we caught some fish and Elder and Sister Gines fried them up for us for lunch which was delicious. I started feeling pretty dang sick though, my body ached and I figured it was just crying out from being overworked with little sleep. But into the afternoon it progressed until I yacked at our dinner appointment and spent some time groaning on their couch. Actually, I experienced a small miracle when I was laying on their couch, everyone was eating but I just couldn't handle it, luckily they were happy to let me lay there and recharge. I said a prayer and asked for a little relief, and immediately felt the urge to upchuck. I felt sooo good afterward though! Heavenly Father answers us, even if it means he gives us the urge to throw up. They gave me a blessing and I passed out that night until late the next day. I woke up feeling like a million bucks though, it was miraculous. Sunday we had our baptisms on base at the branch and it was powerful. I'll attach a picture of our little font and the soldiers. We set it up an did it right after sacrament meeting! I think we'll get more baptisms because of the influence it had on others. Sunday was looong afterward though and my creeping sickness returned, sneaky sneaky. So I don't feel great right now, but I've come to really recognize when the Lord is upholding me, and giving me strength beyond my own. I will feel energized and completely fine in a lesson, only to have my aching return as I walk out the door. He doesn't always remove our trials, but he makes them able to bare! His work moves forward. Have a blessed week!

Elder Hakes

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