Sunday, October 2, 2016

2/29/16 Army Life

Hey People!
St. Robert Missouri has been a great experience so far. Transfers went well, with the usual difficult goodbyes and promises to stay in touch and the general ripping of the heart to shreds. I'll be back one day before they know it. Life in St. Rob with Elder Horsley has been about as good as it can get so far. I knew Horsley from the time I served in Nixa. It's been way fun so far haha he's a cool kid and we have a lot in common and a lot to share with each other. Highlight has been serving on post!! (that's what everyone calls the army base) I knew literally nothing about the military, but already it fascinates me. We've spent a lot of time on base teaching, volunteering and meeting with members who live there. Our ward mission leader is a young enlisted soldier that we have a really good relationship with. This town revolves around Ft. Wood, everyone in Wal-Mart is dressed in uniform or clearly far to physically fit to be a civilian haha. I love it though, they are incredibly respectful and disciplined and easy to get along with. We have several investigators who are right on track and we set a baptismal date last night! The zone here is in a slump for some reason, actually it appears to be one of the only zones that isn't increasing in numbers. Hopefully President knew what he was doing when he sent me here haha. I'll do what I can to help inspire and uplift and serve our missionaries! I don't have much time, but our apartment is legit. It's a 3 freakin story town house with 2 1/2 baths and two bedrooms and a garage with a weight set and fooseball table! Couldn't ask for more. My own bathroom? Proof that the Lord is pleased with me. ;) Mostly I am excited to keep learning the lessons the Lord wants me to learn. It is so cool to look back on my mission and see his hand in every aspect, helping teach me and nurturing me. It makes me excited for the future. I have absolutely no fears anymore. I don't even mind when life gets hard, relying on him makes it possible to brush off the dust and just keep plugging along, awaiting the great things I know are in store. This life is neat. It' s perfect really. I have such a testimony that God's plan is perfect.
Last few thoughts, the military branch was a cool experience with all the soldiers in uniform. Hard to count but we had like at least 25 nonmembers there. We taught an investgator class to some soldiers who are REALLY sincere, it blew my mind. Best class I"ve ever taught, felt like I was on fire. People are humbled in the military haha. I also ran into a kid I went to highschool with at the branch, can you believe that? He walked up to me and I about lost it. WHAT THE RANDOM. We were on the track team together, he graduated a year ahead of me, got off his mission and is now finishing AIT training on base. Small world.
Good things to come, much love to you all!
Elder T. Hakes
The transfer ride

I'll judge you if it pleases me

Flag high reunion at Ft. Leonard Wood with Adam Alvarado

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