Sunday, October 2, 2016

4/25/16 Substantialicious

Last Monday our trip to Ha Ha Tonka was beautiful. Its a state park with pretty hikes and a hilltop castle ruin that some guy built a long time ago. We drove out there with Elder and Sister Gines the senior military relations missionaries on base and met up with most of the zone. It was good to get outdoors!

Our week was filled with the same schedule day in and day out, they all blend and blur and each night when I lay down it all fades into some wild dreams. It's the good life lemme tell ya! Highlight was Tyler Broadway's baptism Saturday evening, it went wonderfully and he is such a good kid with an honest heart. I was so impressed by him Sunday for his confirmation, he worked a night shift from 12-8 that morning and was still dressed and in sacrament meeting. Elder Horsley was asked to give a talk that day, and I found out when I got there that they put my name in the program too for some reason sooo I delivered a fantastic zero prep talk for 15 minutes haha. But I could talk about the gospel for hours, if I ever had to filibuster in court I probably wouldn't run out of things to say haha. It's incredible how the Spirit fills us and draws from our pool of studies and experiences in life to piece together coherent thoughts about the gospel subject at hand. We also helped ordain Tyler and a deacon to the priesthood that day, as well as performed for the Primary dressed up as Peter and John. It was a full day at church. The ward loves us and we love them. There are some great families here!

Well, I don't have a lot to report! It's getting hot around here. :( We should have some more baptisms coming up this next month woo hoo!

My birthday is a week from today, and it's cool to think that I've spent my entire 21st year in the service of others. Every waking moment. That's an experience I'd recommend to anyone. I've found internal healing as I've looked outside myself. Christ's promise has been fulfilled: I've found my life as I've lost it for his sake.

Love you all!

Elder Hakes

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