Sunday, October 2, 2016

2/23/16 I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go!


I have a lifetime of experiences and emotions to convey today, forgive my weakness in writing and limitations of time. First off, sorry I didn't email yesterday, we got back too late from a trip to Tulsa to get online before our dinner appointment.

Where to start? I guess transfers... uh I'm getting transferred! Knew it was coming, I could feel it in my bones. Saturday I was called to serve in West Plains Missouri! I'm ping-ponging back and forth between these states out here. My companion was assigned to be Elder Hess!!!! I came out in the MTC with that kid, we roomed together! I've literally only seen him like 3 times since then, and just for a few minutes at conferences and stuff. He's one of my favorites. So it's bitter sweet, but I was pumped. Notice that I use the words "was assigned" and "was pumped", which are past tense. Because President Loveland called me this morning and changed my transfer call! He said, "On second thought, we need some fire in the St. Roberts Missouri zone, I need you to go there as zone leader." Soooo still going to Missouri, but a different zone. My ZL comp Elder Horsley was one of my zone leaders when I was in Nixa MO so that's cool. He's rad. But now I'm almost more pumped! President told me that St. Roberts has an army base called Fort Leonard Wood that has a branch, and I get to serve on base there! Horsley called and got my info to get me security clearance to be on base. That's Mr. Elder Hakes Sir to you! I'm stoked about that, it's going to be really unique. It will be cool to serve as zone leader too, new opportunities and lessons to learn for sure. I will miss my Cleveland family, but the Lord has called my name again. It's crazy how spiritual it is each time I get transferred, (or when I received my call for that matter) knowing that God wants me to be somewhere. It's a unique aspect of missionary work, receiving specific revelation like that as to where he wants me to be. I'll go anywhere he wants me to go, trusting my all to his tender care, and knowing that he lovest me. Following his will brings peace, growth, and blessings that would otherwise be missed! So here is my new address: 405 Country Villa, St. Roberts Missouri 65584. Hook me up with some mailage!

I wish I had a lot of time to relay all the things I've learned this week from the Spirit, the scriptures, and especially Elder Christofferson. 
-I got to shake his hand. 
-Elder Christofferson taught us that the Lord only gives his servants what they are prepared to receive.
-He is a living apostolic witness of Christ, I am sure.
-Cleveland ward rented a school bus to get our crew to the stake conference in Bartlesville, it was awesome
-I've had miraculous revelations from the Lord as I search the scriptures with specific questions written down. Sister Loveland challenged us to write questions, open to a random page in the scriptures and read until you find an answer. I desperately wanted to ask a question in the Q&A at zone conference with Elder Christofferson but he didn't call on me, so I used that question to start this challenge. It's something I've been pondering and needed: How can I call upon and rely on the Lord's grace to give me the power to live consistently, every day, to what I know to be true? I opened my scriptures and the first two words I read changed my life. You know how when you read in your head, it sounds like your voice? As I read in Alma 17:3 the words which struck the chords of my soul seemed to come from a voice that was not my own. Much Prayer. "But this is not all; they had given themselves to much prayer, and fasting; therefore they had the spirit of prophecy, and the spirit of revelation, and when they taught, they taught with power and authority of God." His Spirit flooded warm affirmation in my soul, and now my prayers have changed. For one, there are more of them. Much prayer is what I need. And to think that I asked the Creator and Governor of the universe this question.. and he heard me... and he answered me. Feasting on the word has taken a new angle for me. I come hungry with questions and ready to have them answered, asking and receiving, knocking and having opened, searching and finding. I wish I could share more, this is not the only one. I dare you to try it. I dare you to have the faith to ask and receive. Start with a prayer and thank him for the sciptures. Read the Book of Mormon for 15 minutes. Close your book and write down a legitimate question that you have. Trusting him, thumb open to anywhere in the scriptures and listen to his voice answering you. Most importantly, write down your answer and thank him for taking the time and having the love to speak with you for awhile. Your lives will take a new meaning, and your relationship will seem much more like that of a very close Father and child. 2 Nephi 32:3 feast upon the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do. Remember that all things means ALL THINGS. Ask him about work, about school, about play, about relationships, for advice, for guidance, for anything. I dare you!

I'm running behind, like usual :) I love you all and can't wait to learn the things he wants me to learn in the next chapter of my life. It's probably going to be really hard, but I can rest assured it will be worth it. Here's some pics!

Elder T. Hakes

huge fires around town, apparently this happens every year haha

To Bartlesville!

In young investigator Ethan Rowland's words "The Bus of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints"

To Tulsa for the last time!

Ropes course!

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