Sunday, October 2, 2016

4/18/16 Expect the Unexpected....Windows can crash in at any time!

Hey guys!

Things were great this last week. Transfers went well and it was sad to see some in our zone go, but exciting to get a lot of new blood. I feel good about this transfer, we've got good things happening in our area and in the rest of the zone. When president said he needed "some fire" in the St. Robert zone and sent me here, I had no idea how I was supposed to deliver said fire. But as you commit to simply doing the Lord's will to your utmost ability, he magnifies your human efforts and adds the powers and miracles of heaven. That's the truth with some cheese on it!

Two cool stories from this week:
We received a text on our phone from Salt Lake with a referral of someone we needed to go see. We dropped by Wednesday night looking for Tyler Broadway at the address we received and found out he had just move in with his aunt and uncle that day. He's 19 and a great kid from a rough background, he lost his parents and is now living here with relatives. We sat down the next night and found out he's been taking the lessons and going to church since November, and his story is pretty cool. He's deeply converted to the gospel and gave up his old habits at the drop of a hat. He was living in Buffalo Wyoming for a little bit and then in Dallas, and now in Richland Missouri which falls in our area. When I heard he lived in Buffalo for a bit with his sister, I asked if he knew my first companion and trainer, Elder Durrant! He said, "NO WAY I love Hayden! He helped teach me the lessons while I was there!" I couldn't believe it. Durrant and I are still tag-teaming it even though he's been home for like 10 months hahah. Such a small world. So we snapped a pic of us and sent it to Durrant and it blew his mind. But Tyler is going to be baptized this Satruday and its going to be sweet. It's so cool that the Lord put us together.

And another story from last night for you:
We drove to Richland for an appointment with one of our investigators named Mel. We walked up to the door and she had the radio playing suuuper loud and the front window was open with no screen in it, so Elder Horsley climbed through with great stealth and motioned for me to follow so that we could sneak into the kitchen and spook her; don't worry she's super cool. So I whipped my camera from my hip and started filming our stealth mission into her house. I tossed the filming camera inside to Horsley and prepared to make my entry. I was crouched on a wide wooden hand rail on their deck walkway and there was a small gap between it and the open window, so in my mind I planned to spring headfirst through the window and do a ninja-roll onto the living room carpet. I pretty much did that, but my back bumped the bottom of the raised window and dislodged it from the frame, and the whole thing came crashing onto my back as I landed oh so gracefully on the carpet amid a shower of glass. It was not quiet. I lay there stunned, not sure if I had been sliced up or stabbed by the shards or if that had really even just happened! Mel came running into the room and busted up laughing and immediately took out her phone and took a picture of me lying there with the broken window on top of me. Luckily I escaped the chaos with a tiny baby scrape on my arm and just few drops of blood on my shirt. Even more luckily, Elder Horsley caught the whole scene on my camera. He likes showing it to people hahaha. I felt so bad for making such a preventable mistake, I cleaned the mess and vacuumed all the glass bits and apologized over and over. Luckily she and her husband Brenton weren't too upset, when he saw the video he said, "well that's something I would've done!" Haha. Needless to say, I've got a window bill coming up in the near future... But after our brief lesson about repentance (yes, I likened it to shattering someones window and making restitution and never doing it again.....) Mel told us she'd like to be baptized and wants to know what she has to do first. So it worked! :) Major object lesson.

I've gotta go, we're going on a hike at some castle ruins called Ha Ha Tonka, I'll tell you all about it next week!

Much Love and Dishonor to my Family,

Elder T. Hakes

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