Sunday, October 2, 2016

2/15/16 Do Work

Hey Weekly Crew,

Low on time today so quick updates and a funny story to brighten your Monday.

Highlights this week is that I'm feeling WAY better and running on full throttle, the doctors prediction of a 4 week cough was beaten by the priesthood blessing and prayers I received. Hallelujah. You sure learn to appreciate good health when you don't see the sun for a few days.

Other highlights include a Wednesday night baptism for a kid named Dustin Toney. If you knew him your jaw would have just hit your lap. He's made serious changes in his life in the last few months. Major changes. Partially because he is now properly medicated and partially because it was his time to get real about his life and do what's right. He is a great kid with a rough past, true grit, and a bright future. He's been associated with the youth and the church for a couple years now, everyone loved supporting him in his new found determination and attitude as he entered the waters of baptism. Miracles happen people!

Last highlight (almost) was our temple trip on Saturday, we had 40 people in attendance, 12 of which were recent converts, 6 of which were there for the first time, and 2 others who are investigating and 1 less active member who went for her first time. I don't think they'll be allowing our ward to share the font with other wards anymore, we crowded the place out.

Last highlight (for real), I don't know if I mentioned but ELDER CHRISTOFFERSON IS COMING TO OKALHOMA THIS WEEKEND. First visit from an apostle since 2001. We're stoked and church meetings will be in Bartlesville OK in an event center that was rented out for everyone in a 2 hour radius. We have a mission conference with him this Saturday in Tulsa. It's going to be altering. In ward council we talked about how we can get all 41 of our investigators and sacrament attenders to Bartlesville to hear him (most don't have stable income, let alone transporation). I jokingly suggested we rent a school bus. Bishop said "yes good idea", and in an hour we had a school bus secured for travel!! The Yellow Cleveland Bus of Miracles and Faith will depart from Cleveland at 8am sharp on Sunday. On board will be people who don't yet know they are about to be bathed in the spirit and converted by the living words of a special witness of Christ. Expect baptisms to follow!

Oh crap, last real highlight right here: Today we're playing with zorb balls in Owasso as a zone party! Google it and be jealous!

Major downer and not a highlight: transfers calls is ALREADY this Saturday. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME, I DONT WANT TO LEAVE YET.

Keep the faith,

Elder T. Hakes

Dustin Toney

SSSHHHHH this might be illegal...

Just between us

A piece of our temple crew! The recently baptized Mclearans and returning Schmitts :)

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