Monday, January 11, 2016

1/11/16 Cleveland, Round 3


That's all I need to say. I've learned and grown more in this area than in my last two areas combined. I cannot wait to keep serving all these people who are ready to come unto Christ.

I have no time, so highlights!
-My companion Elder McArthur is being transferred to Gore, OK. Sad to see him go, but excited to get a new companion as well. Elder Henderson is his name, he's been out 3 months and that's all I know! They love to stick me with the greenies around here.

-This week was bomb, wish I could tell you all about it.

-We took recent converts and investigators to the temple for the first time last Tuesday. Sarah Ballard did her first baptisms as well as Richard and very pregnant Anna. They all loved it and the spirit was tangible. GET RECENT COVERTS TO THE TEMPLE WITHIN A MONTH. It will change their lives and solidify conversion.

-Last week we picked up a whole new family to teach! Bishop met them while trying to contact their neighbors. They came to church, loved it, and we taught them the first 3 discussions last week! Haha! Their names are John and Andrea Dobbs, and they have two kids who live with them, Natalie and Ethan who are in 8th and 5th grade. I've never really taught a complete family like this and it is the greatest thing to ever happen to missionary work. They are HUNGRY for the gospel and they've loved every second of our teaching. I prophesy they'll be baptized in a month. So pumped!

-Some less active members also brought their neighbors to church for the second and third week and we started teaching them. Cheryl is older and her son Jackie are both excited to have found the fulness of the gospel and can't drink it in fast enough. Life changing, SO FAST. Their baptismal date is the 23rd this month!

-Add this to all the people we're already teaching and it's a whirlwind of miracles and blessings over here. It's awesome to behold. Bishop Southward's love and dedication to his calling have created a fire and its sucking in air faster than we can keep up. In ward council we discussed last years goal in the ward to have 12 baptisms (they had 23) and this year they set a goal for 40! Haha it can honestly happen, we have about 32 people who have attended church and are investigating on some degree. Yeesh.

I went over time, hope I had nothing else important. Also today is my 10 month mark in this crazy mission! Love it can't wait for more.

Elder T. Hakes
PS Anna is about to have her baby and second now, cool stuff :)

Zone Bowling!

Temple Gang!

Country boys doin country work with Brother Cox

Here is our second hour investigator class on Sundays. Bigger than ever!

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