Monday, January 11, 2016

1/4/16 Mercies

Guys, life's good. Wish I had a go-pro strapped to my forehead so you could just watch and be jealous of all the things I do every day. Aaaahh well... Guess I'll have to sum it up in a 10 minute email.

Richard and Anna Lawson were baptized Saturday! It was wonderful. They're suuper pumped to continue in the gospel. Lemme give you a bullet list of all the ridiculous miracles that have happened to them in the last two months since we met them:
-randomly met them at a member's house, a member whom they just met that day and started hanging out. (they are essentially homeless and staying with a cousin)
-taught follow up lesson, still not sure if they're into it.
-Bishop counsels them to be married.
-We teach full restoration, spirit overwhelms, they want to be bapitzed.
-Bishop marries them.
-Strong lessons leading to baptism, they're happier than ever.
-Two days before baptism they find a small house for sale in Cleveland, call owner, make a deal, they literally move in that night.
-Baptized Saturday (First baptism that I have performed on the mission!)
-Confirmed Sunday
-Job interview for him today
-Going to temple with us tomorrow.

I don't know why, but God REALLY has his hand on this couple. Anna is pregnant and I've gotten the impression that the path is being laid for this new child to enter into a solid life in the gospel.

The work carries on at a rapid pace here in the promise land. Bishop Southward is an inspiration to everyone around him. Investigators continue to show up at sacrament meeting with friends or family, feel and spirit, and determine to keep coming for the rest of their lives hahaha we have so many new investigators at our fingertips every week. If I could spend the rest of my life here doing this I might just do it. Transfer calls is this Saturday.. PLEASE pray that I'll stay here... I need these people as much as they need me haha. Neverless, thy will, not mine, be done. I guess.

This Sabbath was a spiritual feast, i enjoy the opportunity to fast and hunger and thirst after righteousness. I feel the Spirit so powerfully when I do. It's real life. I have to go :( I can't believe my family is growing up... Brent marriage is gross so stop it. Weston, wait for me so we can party and date girls together.

God is merciful.

Elder T. Hakes

Oh by the way Bishop married more investigators in the church haha.

The things you find in peoples freezers around here.....

Richard and Anna's big day!!

Balling with the crew

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