Monday, January 11, 2016

12/14/15 Time is Short

Love you guys!

I wish I had time to dwell on details miracles and laughs this week, but I don't :) I have to be at a wedding in 30 minutes. Richard and Anna two of our new investigators are being married in the church by Bishop. You can bet it's going to be hick! They will be baptized Jan 2 :) We have sooo many people we are teaching, and 14 scheduled for baptism in the coming weeks. Madness. We're busy and tired but full of love and life. I love this season! I love these people. Zone Conference with Elder Foster was pretty incredible, I was actually really impressed by his insights and spiritual discernment and depth. What else should I have expected I guess? This week is going to be FULL. Christmas is fast approaching and life is merry. The miracles of Christ and His Light and Life are literally all around us. Enjoy some pics!!

Elder T. Hakes
Arkansas Bentonville Soldier of God

Presents around the tree!

Taught a lesson through a visitation window in jail this week haha

Putting up lights for the elderly

Climbed a massive water tower to watch the sunrise. Honestly one of the scariest things I've ever done.... SO WINDY ON TOP

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