Wednesday, March 8, 2017

02/27/2017 You only get this email 2 more times

This week has been another great one. We've worked hard, we've handed books to every breathing soul we've seen, we've taught some good lessons, we've biked probably a hundred miles, knocked a hundred doors, and had a hundred "NO's" haha.
My body feels better for all the exercise. I seem to have a lot more energy and sleep better too. Funny how that works.
Everything I do is layered with the thought, "this might be the last time I do this." It's not a sad thought, but a motivating and sometimes gladdening thought hahaha. Keeps me grinding.
We've had 80 degree weather, and then we've had slight snow flurries. So we wear layers.
Life is great, and I'm blessed for the things I have learned in the service of Him who created me. We had stake conference this weekend and an area authority seventy taught some wonderful principles of loving as Christ loves.
I'm so excited to see my family, some friends, and dive into the next stage of life next month.
Mostly here are some pictures of Missouri life :)
Much Love,
Elder Hakes

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