Wednesday, March 8, 2017

03/06/2017 Blessins on Blessins


Life is so good. I just had the greatest last Monday Pday of my life. We went to an abandoned water park owned by a member and played flour ball. Stockings full of flour, capture the flag rules. Honestly one of the more fun things I've done. Having free reign of this park was insane. See pics!!

This last week was great. Low on time, so here's some highlights:

-I had an incredible experience receiving revelation from Father this week. I was feeling majorly down. Depressed, even. I was worried about home, my future, my failures.. I just didn't feel like I was worth anything. Weird? It just came out of nowhere. I realize now it was a definite spiritual attack of negativity. Anyway after moping in bed for a few hours, Elder McEntire got a little worried for my sanity, so I prayed for release, answers, light. What the Lord taught me through the scriptures I opened to was incredible. He spoke to me in a way I've never known before! I couldn't write fast enough. Needless to say, the cloud of gloom overshadowing me was blasted by the eternal warmth of Christ. I've felt like a new character ever since. There is nothing better than knowing how the Father feels about you. Because you feel pretty loved.

-So after this experience I bore my testimony of our ability to receive personal revelation in sacrament meeting. It was on my mind all day. Then we went to teach our investigator Scott Taylor. He's a middle-aged unhealthy guy living alone with his animals in a trailer. A sweet guy. Seemingly an honest seeker of God. In our lesson he kept asking silly questions that we know he knows the answer too, sounded like he was just making excuses. But he kept saying he was genuinely confused. He couldn't express what he felt, ask the right questions, or find any answers. Elder McEntire suggested we stop and pray right there for some light. We can't get him to pray with us out loud. But he stopped talking and closed his eyes. We waited, assuming he was praying. I bowed my own head and plead that Scott could get whatever it was he was praying for in his head. I remembered the confusing spirits I was feeling earlier in the week, and asked the Lord to remove those from Scott too. We began reading again with him in Alma 32. Throughout the rest of the lesson, the Spirit whispered to Scott what he needed to know. He got excited. He knew his prayer was answered in a matter of minutes through humble asking and reading the Book of Mormon. I didn't even know what his prayer was, or what his answer was, but it doesn't even matter, he got it. I was reminded its just not about me. I just have to help these people learn how to talk to their Father, and know how to listen. That's it. He takes it from there.

These things can happen for all of us. Why? Because we are loved by the most powerful Being in the universe. Literally. And He's got things He wants to tell us, and show us, and help us with. But we must seek with and honest heart. That's all it takes.

Love ya. Enjoy the footage. See you soon enough.

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