Wednesday, February 22, 2017

02/20/2017 Squeeze That Lemon

Hey crew!

Surprise, I'm in Webb City Missouri. The best trio last transfer ever was only meant to last two weeks I guess. President Loveland called early Wednesday morning and told me to pack my bags. I left that afternoon to go replace Elder Wilson an hour and a half north in WC. He's been way sick for like a month and unfortunately had to go home to get it figured out. So I got moved yet again! That's like 3 times in two months. But ya know, it's been okay. I've appreciated each opportunity and the lessons I can learn and influence I can have in a short time in each place. Sister Loveland likened me to a lemon being squeezed for every last drop of impact with other missionaries before.... well, before my lemon juice is gone I guess. There's plenty of Hakes Juice to go around.

It was a bummer to leave Prairie Grove with Elder Fielding and Elder Wright. I loved those guys. Tuesday (Valentine's Day) before I left we volunteered at the St. Thomas episcopal church soup kitchen. We had a great time prepping and serving food with a lot of nice people. As you can see from my pictures, I even secured myself a Valentine for the day. Age is just a number people. Karen agreed to humor me this year.

Also see attached pictures for a sad group hug right before I shipped out.

Next photo is just me and good ole President Loveland road trippin it back to Missouri. At least I got to serve two weeks in Arkansas in the Arkansas Bentonville Mission right? Missouri missed me.

Here's the thing about my new (and I'm not even convinced it will be my last) area: bikes. Yup, bikes. Like, bicycles. Apparently some people still ride those. We have no car in Webb City and I ditched my old beater bike, never once having ridden it, way back in Monett. The elder I replaced sold his to President so I'm riding it around for now. Luckily its super nice, and big enough. Doesn't change the fact that my butt is crazy sore. I haven't ridden a bike in two years haha. That being said, I actually REALLY love it. 70 degrees and sunny hasn't hurt too much either.
It's great exercise, I don't feel like a whale all the time, I can screech to a halt and talk to random people all over the place. I've set a goal to give out 78 copies of the Book of Mormon with my personal testimony in them before my lemon juice runs out. Drip drip drip. (78 is all the books we had in the apartment haha) This area has essentially no one to teach, the elders were trapped in with sickness for forever. But that's okay, gives me time to bike all over with books in my bag like Santa Clause spreading joy. We've already had some miracles, the Lord placing people in our path, and found some potential investigators who are interested. Boo ya.

My new companion Elder McEntire is sure happy to get out and do work for the first time in awhile. He's been out 8 months and is a great elder. I should've taken a picture of him, but if you look really closely he is the speck on the bike in the background of my last picture haha.

Life is good, I feel real good. Excited for the next chapter without a doubt. I have so much hope since serving a mission. The world is your oyster.

-Elder Hakes

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