Monday, February 13, 2017

02/01/2017 From Grove to Grove: The Tale of an Endangered Species of Missionaries

Hey guys! Another whacky Wednesday p-day again.

It's been decided, I'll spend my last transfer on planet earth as a missionary in Prairie Grove, Arkansas. Whoop! This is exciting for a number of reasons.
1. This will be my first (and last) assignment in Arkansas! Seems like an important step for an elder in the Arkansas Bentonville Mission.
2. I will have not just ONE companion with whom I go everywhere and do everything, but I will have TWO companions with which I will go everywhere and do everything. That's right, two. Elder Fielding, and Elder Wright will be my companions. Hahaha random right? Not sure why, but it will certainly be interesting. Dibs on first shower. Dibs on not sleeping on the couch. I call shotgun everyday. I'll pull seniority if I have to. "Yes, me and my two bodyguards here have come to share a special message with your family." This has a lot of daily implications, you can tell I've thought through some of them. It's gonna be hilarious.
3. New things are always fun.
4. I will be living in very close proximity to the airport from which I will depart in *cough* 44 days.
5. My zone is huge, I've never had a zone with 3 districts in it. Maybe we won't live 2 hours from each other and can actually play basketball and do other fun things on pdays.

Elder Walker, my current companion, is also leaving this area, so we are getting it tidied up and organized for two new guys to take over. Reasons we are sad to be leaving: Cheryl's baptism is this Saturday D: She's doing great and is super excited, she even wanted me to baptize her. I broke it to her softly. Second time in a row I leave the week our investigators are baptized! Oh well, we are still super happy and proud of them :)

Not a lot of time to report on other adventures, mostly just looking forward to the next transfer. I can't really express how grateful I am that the Lord has allowed me to be here on his errand and experience the things I have. It's a rich, tender mercy. He understands my flaws, He knew the mistakes I would make out here, the mini rebellions of my heart, my imperfect desires, He knew when I would fail. But He still let me come, asked me to come, so that I could be changed, and help others change. That's what I love about the gospel! It stockpiles our growth, goodness, and successes, and allows us to cut away our failures, shortcomings, and foolishness. Or even consecrates them to our gain. There just isn't a lose anywhere in this situation. The good things are good, the bad things are for your good, everything is good. It blows my mind. We don't deserve that! How merciful. How powerful.

I love you guys, and I'm grateful for you support, and teaching, and encouragement! Here's to six more weeks!

Elder Hakes

PS I wish this dinosaur library computer could get my pictures to you. It's just too hard for it. Cross your fingers that my next area will have more technology than what was available in the 20th century.

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