Wednesday, November 11, 2015

If you didn't have any fear, what could you accomplish?


Another weekly report here. I remember sending my first email out in the mission field and thinking, "I have to do this every Monday??". Well, that was approximately 30 Mondays ago. That's a lot of Mondays haha!

This week has been another filled with miracles, anxieties, blessings, teachings, learnings, growings, and fun. Tuesday we had an exchange with Brother Cox who took us around to meet some less actives and then we had dinner at his house on one of the only hilltops around for hundreds of miles. He's in the bishopric and just a good down to earth guy. He's hilarious. His wife made us my favorite meal per my request: chicken n' waffles baby! Wednesday we had zone training meeting in Bartlesville and personal interviews with President Loveland. He's no President Shumway, but he's doing a great job for the mission. I felt such a power and connection with Shumway, perhaps I'll grow to feel that with Pres. Loveland as we serve together for the next 16 months. After zone training I went on exchanges to Owasso!! I saw some of the people I love and miss and was able to interview Johnny Atkison for his baptism which will be this Saturday! It was my first interview as district leader, it's kind of a neat experience. I relied heavily on the Spirit to help me determine his level of preparation for baptism. He is trying to do what he thinks God would have him do, and is willing to continue on the path of learning. Can't wait for his baptism this weekend!!! The rest of our week was full of great lessons and visits. Sunday Elder Thurgood and I sang "For the Beauty of the Earth" with the ward choir, and really enjoyed the regional stake conference broadcast. We had some new investigators at church that members had brought with them, and it sounds like we'll be able to teach all of them this week! Doesn't get better. This week is going to be a crazy busy one, the Ballards are getting married tomorrow, then baptized on Friday! We also have a ward Thanksgiving social Friday night, Johnny's baptism on Saturday in Owasso, and then the Ballards confirmations on Sunday. It's going to be great. The Ballards are travelling to Kansas to get married, he was just divorced and in OK you have to wait 6 months to be remarried, so we're going to border hop. Gonna be fun!

I believe I need to simplify the gospel in my life, and simplify my own discipleship. Complexity is burdensom and unnecessary! Christ is my Savior, and I am His servant. I'll do what he wants, and He'll help me do it! Doesn't get much simpler. I constantly feel renewed and peaceful when I turn to Him. He is my only source of lasting contentment. Love Him!

Elder T. Hakes

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