Sunday, August 30, 2015

Life in the Ozarks 9/24

I look up the word Ozark, I don't think it means anything, it's gotta be some weird Indian term. But its a gorgeous region.

This week has been a lot of ups and downs! I don't even remember what happened... highlight is that we finally got a new investigator! Woo hoo! Her name's Patty, we talked to her outside our apartment a couple weeks ago and finally had the chance to have a first lesson with her. We taught the restoration and it went about as well as it could have! We're excited to keep teaching her.

My faith has been tried this week, the adversaries messin with my brain! I always find strength in the Lord though as I put my trust in him and keep his commandments. Every time! 

Wednesday night we had dinner in a mansion estate out in the middle of the woods. It was incredible, their home was enormous. They made some bomb food too, I kept expecting a butler to pop out fill my glass or refill my plate. Great people!

Thursday was such an awesome day, I was so happy all day. We drove down to Branson and worked on a huge service project with our zone. We mulched some trails in the lakeside forest. The forests are thicker and greener than anywhere I've seen. After we got back to Nixa we helped a ward member cement their new mailbox in their yard (and by help I mean we did it for her) and then we went to help a family move out of the ward! We spent all day in our service clothes just helping people, it was the greatest! Then we had dinner and played investigator basketball like we do every Thursday night, which is fun. This Sunday I announced in priesthood that we play and that everyone should bring a friend. Hope they come! 

Sunday Elder Davidson and I were kinda sick, it was rough. Our dinner appointment was kind enough to bring it over to us and we got some rest and played some chess.

Today we went exploring some really cool caves in Willard MO. We dropped down into some muddy pools and water and had to squeeze through some tight spots it was awesome. Then we washed off in the river nearby after we got out. Don't worry, it wasn't swimming ;)

Gotta go, have a great week!

Elder Hakes

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