Monday, August 31, 2015

Baptist Showdowns

Hey guys!

I am out of time. Sadface. But I would like to let you know this week has been yet another great one! And the gospel is still true, so that's nice! Elder Davidson and I are moving right along. This week we tracted into a guy named Travis and talked to him on his doorstep for like an hour. He invited us back later and we taught him the restoration. He's baptist, and just doesn't get some of what we try to tell him. It's kind of frustrating. Plus, he went online and found a bunch of anti mormon questions to ask us, so that was fun. But he didn't do it in an antagonistic way, he just wants to know! So we'll teach him the plan of salvation tomorrow. But our time is filled with trying to find people to teach and serving the members of the ward. We've really solicited our services well apparently, a lot of people have been asking for our help! Its fun, I love serving people.Thursday night I rolled my ankle reallly bad playing basketball. I'd attach a picture, but my camera just died :( It's swollen and bruised, but I've been able to limp around all weekend and get everything we need to done. A physical therapist in the ward examined me and said I got lucky and it's not too bad (despite it's appearance) and should heal up nice and quick! Already I'm walking better. But things are about the same around here! We can't believe how fast the transfer has gone by!! Transfers are next week?! We will likely both stay here, but who knows! I like Nixa, its a good place. Missouri far outclasses Oklahoma. I'll send pictures next week, love you guys :)

Elder Hakes

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