Wednesday, July 29, 2015

First Transfer


I'm getting transferred to Nixa, Missouri!! Never heard of it before! Woo hoo! And I'll be training a new missionary as well, so that's going to be really exciting. I could feel the change coming around the corner, and here it is staring me in the face. I feel nothing but calm and courage, the Lord is strengthening me in ways I've never before felt. I can testify that the path to joy truly lies through submitting our will to Him! Because He knows best. How foolish of us to suppose that we know what is good for us, and that we are capable of determining the roads which we think will make us happy. There is One Road! One beautifully perfect and narrow road that is somehow tailored to every one of us as His children. It walks alongside the Savior, and accelerates our progression toward the Father. Anything else transgresses His path, or regresses away from Him. I would encourage us all to simply trust in Him a little more. Have a little more hope!

It will be really sad to leave Owasso. I have this weird feeling where I feel as though I've been here for my entire life, and at the same time I've only just arrived. I suppose I'd better get used to that. This last weekend was amazing, the perfect way to end with a bang in Oklahoma! I saw so many tender mercies and miracles on Saturday, I don't know why the Lord felt the need to bless me so. I know sometimes he just gives us all we need and want just to make us happy, so thank Him:) Brother Baird the dentist cleaned our teeth for us, then we volunteered at a ministry thrift shop and the ladies there were so kind. Somebody had just donted a bunch of brand new slacks and she gave me a pair that fit well, I needed them! We prepared for Emilie's baptism which was fantastic. I love being able to be apart of such a covenant for others! She had tons of nonmember friends and family there, and it was a great experience for everyone. She had a missionary who taught her 4 or 5 months ago come back to baptize her. The Spirit was prevalent! It was a lot of fun. Afterward we were blessed again with a bunch of leftovers from the pioneer party we had on Friday, and we found a random windshield sun shade in the street, which we had just determined a couple of days ago that we needed because our car is trying to kill us every time we get in it. Mercies! Then we contacted a friendly less active and had a good visit, and I caught 5 fireflies and put them in a bottle haha. I love the fireflies out here. It was a magical end to a magical day. Well my library time is up! Till next week from Missouri!

I don't know my new address yet, but you can send things to the mission office and it will be forwarded to me.
1004 Beau Terre Dr. Ste E-502
Bentonville, AR 72712

Elder Hakes

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