Monday, June 15, 2015

Life's Neat. Jun 2

I apologize for the delayed email, the internet was down in our apartment business center all yesterday and our library cards expired because we forgot to bring them proof of address haha. But we got it sorted out. Unfortunately I don't have any time though, we have to go teach a lesson here in a few minutes! But this last week was great... well at least I think it was, I can't really remember! Haha we're working hard and seeing the Lord's blessings. Time is flying. I'm growing! We went on exchanges with the zone leaders last Wednesday after district meeting and it was pretty sweet. This time I stayed in Owasso with Elder Merryweather while Elder Durrant went to Claremore with Elder Cluff. I had like 6 appointments set up for the day and it was going to be great, but all of them but one canceled. Ugh it was super frustrating. So we spent time trying to visit people we haven't been able to get ahold of, but after like 5 stops we still hadn't seen anyone. Frustrating! So we tracted till dinner and met a cool guy who said he had been to our church before. Maybe we'll get something out of it. Last week we also started teaching an inactive family who moved into the ward about a year ago. They have two kids who are 8 and 11 years old who don't know anything about the gospel. But we've started teaching them and they are progressing toward baptism on the 27th this month! They're great kids, the older girl is very active in the lessons and even wrote down a ton of words that she didn't know from her Book of Mormon reading during the week so we could help her with them. It's been fun teaching a new family. We're always looking for new people to teach, and it's been rough going trying to find some lately. This week the mission goal is to tract for a full hour a day and get at least 5 OTM's ("open thy mouth"s and randomly tell people about the gospel) in a day. We pray we can find those who are prepared to be taught! Elder Durrant is getting ready to go home in 2 weeks. I'm really, really bummed. But I'm also stoked to take on the next chapter in my mission! Will I stay in Owasso? I hope so. I love the people here. Tomorrow is the last zone conference of the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission. Then President Shumway goes home and President Loveland enters to open the Arkansas Bentonville Mission with us. I love the OTM, I'll always be an Oklahoma Tulsa Missionary!

Elder Hakes

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