Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Entering in at the gate

Hey guys,
     This week has been a great one. Yet again I don't know where it went, and as I sit here I am not exactly sure what happened, though it was certainly a lot! I guess I'll work backwards, maybe that will jog my memory :)
     Yesterday was an awesome mother's day, it was so good to skype you guys! And I love you mom! I wish we had more time so I could hear all about the things you're doing! It was a great boost though just to see your faces and hear you laugh! I kept thinking of things I forget to tell you about right after the call, but oh well. We taught a great lesson last night to a less active members' two daughters who are investigating, we hope to set them a baptismal date very soon. Sacrament meetings were pretty, the children singing for mother's day almost made me lose it a couple of times haha. Saturday was the Kress's baptisms, it was awesome! Everything went really smooth and they were both very happy. Watching this journey for them has probably been the best part of my mission thus far. Brother Moore, a new member in the ward who played a big part in their conversion, was able to baptize them and I stood in for assistance. I'll include pictures! Earlier that day was a big pioneer event or something called Owasso Trails Day, and we spent a lot of time volunteering at the booth the ward had set up about emergency preparedness. Unfortunately the parade was cancelled because of the rain. It has been torrential this weekend, we've been getting flood warnings on our phones most days. But today is bright and sunny and the ponds are all overflowing! It's so green all around, I wish my pictures did it justice. The rest of the week was just lessons and work as usual! This morning we went and toured the American Airlines hangars and repair shops with a mechanical engineer from the ward. It was incredible. The docks that the giant aircraft were in blew my mind, they were so complicated. We stepped outside just as two F-16 jets roared off the pavement, I couldn't believe how loud they were. I think I might need to be a pilot.
     I've been really thinking alot lately about how importance humility is. It is essential for our relationship with our Father in Heaven and the Savior. Without it we cannot repent or exercise the Atonement or receive His strength. There are so many forms of pride that keep us from all of these things. I really have to start letting go of myself and my desires and my concerns, and let the Lord work with me. I am my own biggest barrier!

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